Feature 50 Schools shapping success 2017

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About Fortune India

The latest edition of Fortune Magazine recognized the Future 50 Schools Shaping Success with contributions from Univariety as Education Partner and Fortune India as Media Partner. The magazine covered the initiative in great detail and shed light on Concept, Partners, Evaluation & Parameters, List of Winning School, List of Schools on Radar and plan of action for Year Long Activities.

'Future 50 Schools Shaping Success' Certification

From Imparting Knowledge to Inspiring Careers


What is the “Future 50 Schools Shaping Success” Certification?

  1. A unique, one of it's kind school recognition to honor schools that prepare students for the 21st century and have a vision to craft 'Student Success'
  2. For progressive schools across India with National and International Curricula
  3. Evaluation is conducted by a combination of independent process advisors and jury panel scoring
  4. Participating schools get to learn best practices and receive support from industry leaders

Why do Students & Parents Care?

  • Soaring competition and college admission cutoffs are causing extreme anxiety
  • Conventional definition of 'Student Success' is changing
  • Good colleges are assessing skills beyond just grades
  • Growing expectations around ‘Return on Investment’ from school

Why should Schools Care?

  • In senior classes, the choice of school is being made based on perception around 'Career Support' provided by school
  • Opportunity to participate in India’s 1st listing that measure schools on 'Student Success Factors'
  • Get associated with brands like 'Fortune India' and 'Univariety' that stand for "Success"

Who Should Participate

Schools that go beyond academics without compromising on academic rigour and

Help students discover
their passion

Provide exposure to different

Support interactions
with counselors

Support interactions with Universities

Support interactions with

Believe in upgrading
skills of teachers

Use technology to track
student's progress

Support parents in resolving
career concerns


In its very first edition, Future 50 Schools Shaping Success has engaged with over 600+ schools across 82 cities in India.

It feels great to be a part pf Future 50 Schools Shaping Success as it endorses everything that we have been doing over the past many years.

- Ms. Abha Dharampal

CEO, Juhu Parle Education Society

It's very encouraging to be a part of Future 50 and have our hard work of 37 years recognized on a national platform

- Mr. Anshul Pathak

Vice Chairman, Delhi Public School - Ghaziabad Society

It's good to be a part of Future 50 as this is not like the usual awards we participate in. The evaluation criteria is different from the usual and very innovative

- Mr. Manas Mehrotra

Trustee, Greenwood High International School